Windows Server 2016 Win+X PowerShell

I recently decided to build a new Domain Controller for my lab (a.k.a. Family). I chose to install Server 2016 since I’ll need to be familiar with it as it becomes more common in my work labs. I noticed right away that pressing Win + X ( or right clicking the start menu) offers a command prompt instead of PowerShell. I expected it to contain PowerShell like Windows 10’s menu. I checked one of my 2012 servers at work and realized that it too had Command Prompt; I suspect this might be a server feature.

As it turns out this is a simple behavior to fix. If you right-click the taskbar and select Settings (Properties in 2012 R2, then Navigation) there is an option to replace the command prompt with PowerShell at the flick of a switch. Continue reading “Windows Server 2016 Win+X PowerShell”