Finding Motivation

I’m still working on preparing for my first position as a software engineer. I don’t feel like I know enough to land a job as a developer so I’m trying to study and practice. I’ve found that some weeks I’ll study everyday and sometimes several weeks go by with only good intentions and no real effort. So I decided to learn some more Python when I finish my current study in C++. I’m most familiar with C++ but still hesitate to say I’d be able to pass a coding interview with it.

I’d like to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning. I think that’s a small enough field that I should be able to focus my efforts and see progress. While looking up ways to learn Python I ran into this article What are motivation and implementation intention?

It says the motivation is the “why” and implementation intention is the “how”. So, while I have low motivation sometimes I think the real problem is that I don’t know “how” to get the skills I need. Maybe because i’m not sure what I really need to know.

I think I need to talk to some of the devs at work and see what they think I’d need to know to start with one of their teams.